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State Of The Art In EM Software

April 7th, 2009 · 1 Comment · White papers

(Updated May 22, 2009 with EMPro 2009 info)

RF Global Net are offering a download of an excellent white paper:

State Of The Art In EM Software For Microwave Engineers

…free with registration, by my Agilent colleagues Jan Van Hese, Jeannick Sercu, Davy Pissoort, and Hee-Soo Lee.

The growing number and complexity of high frequency systems is leading to an increased need for electromagnetic (EM) simulation to accurately model larger portions of the system. There are several different technical approaches to EM simulation, and while no method is generally superior to the others, each one of them is aligned with one or more application areas. This article will discuss the three most established EM simulation technologies: method of moments (MoM), finite element method (FEM), and finite difference time domain (FDTD), linking the simulation technology to solving specific applications.

Now that my company, Agilent, has three EM solvers, I’m often asked about the pros and cons of each technique, so this white paper really helps. As for our products, here is a are some links:

  • EMPro platform has a 3D drawing environment, our FDTD engine and, as we announced recently, with EMPro 2009, our FEM Element (formerly EMDS) will be an available add-on.
  • EMPro and ADS are sold as separate platforms. But if you purchase both, they are integrated

Our other two EM engines are both integrated directly inside our ADS platform:

Here’s a diagram of tasks and products for the up coming ADS 2009 and EMPro configuration:

(Diagram coming: uploader issues)

We have a bunch of examples (diverse applications: not just SI) of our three EM engines at our EM Insight Series page

One of the examples (about solder balls) is particularly relavant to signal integrity.

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