Last year I wrote one long post for DAC 2008 as my trip report however this year I wrote a separate blog post for each EDA company and event that I visited.

ACCIT – Making SPICE go Faster with a GPU

Magma – Titan, Analog Elegance

Ciranova – More Analog, Less time

Orora Design Technologies – Analog Optimization and Synthesis

Apache Design Automation – Power and Noise Integrity for Chips, Packages, SIP

Solido Design – Statistical Variation for Transistor-level Design

Berkeley Design Automation – Analog FastSPICE

Mentor Dinner Party – Classy Digs and Piano Theatrics

Cadence Mixed-Signal – Analog Pioneer Stays Relevant

ATEEDA – Cutting the costs of Analog Test

Laker, Pyxis, OA – One Big Happy Custom IC Layout Family

Tela Innovations – 1D Layout is Good for DFM

Mephisto – Analog Design Automation

CustomSim and HSPICE – Synopsys vs Cadence Virtuoso and Spectre

Methodics – Design Data Management for Circuit Designers

Virtual IDMs – Can they compete with Intel and other IDMs?

Sunday at DAC – What really happens in the Press Room?

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