Daniel PayneI was born and raised in Minnesota, graduating from the University of Minnesota with a BSEE. My first job out of college was with Intel designing DRAM chips and I continued doing transistor-level circuit design for the next 8 years.

My transition into EDA began in 1986 with the best software company I’ve ever worked at, Silicon Compilers. Phil Kaufman was the president and many of us former Intel people were attracted to Phil’s engineering style of running a business.

Intel was the best hardware company I worked at because they had a sense of urgency and they tracked objectives.

Today I operate Marketing EDA as a consultant for technical and product marketing. Connect with me on LinkedIn , Plaxo or Twitter.

I’ve been married since 1982 to my saintly wife, Janet. We are raising six children and teaching them to love God and use their talents to serve others.