Sunday is the traditional arrival day for DAC attendees and we check in to the hotel, pickup our badges then head over to the Kick-off reception in the Hilton. Here’s a photo tour:


Anaheim Convention Center

Susan Cain (Caincom) Patrick Corcoran (Caincom), Jim Lipman (Sidense)

Susan Cain (Caincom) Patrick Corcoran (Caincom), Jim Lipman (Sidense)

Team from Lynguent

Team from Lynguent

Kathryn Kranen, Jasper DA - President and CEO

Kathryn Kranen

Thank you sponsors

Robert Gardner, Director of EDAC

Quite the crowd Sunday night

Denali Exec (in the middle)

Team from CAST, an IP supplier

Richard Goldman, Synopsys

Kranen's show some love

Tom Anderson - Cadence, Mike Santarini - Xilinx, Gloria Nichols - PR

John Cooley and some surprised guy

Dr. Aart J. de Geus, Synopsys CEO

Guys who sold companies to Synopsys

Karim Aribi, Daniel Payne

Bernie Aronson

Joan Frazier and friend

Wally Rhines, Mentor CEO

Gary Smith, preps for Sunday night talk

Gary Smith, Merlyn Brunken (Mentor)

Hilton Hotel - site of Sunday kick-off