Here’s what I’ll be blogging about at DAC 2010 next week in Anaheim:


  • EDAC Kickoff
  • Gary Smith


  • Grid Sim Tech
  • Mentor – Calibre xACT 3D
  • Magma – FineSim, FineSim Pro, Analog Design Reuse, Analog Layout
  • Synopsys – CustomSim
  • Mentor – Eldo, Eldo Rail, ADiT, Questa ADMS
  • Mentor Dinner Party



  • Synopsys – Interoperability breakfast
  • Apache – PathFinder
  • Berkeley DA
  • Cybereda
  • Solido

I’ve left enough space between appointments for serendipity in finding new tools. Give me a call if you have something new for transistor-level IC simulation or design that I should see, 503 806 1662.

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