Apr 30 2009

Samsung Secure SSD Drives – RSA 2009

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Recently at the RSA Conference Samsung introduced a new line of Solid State Disk Drives.  These drive support advanced data encryption at the drive so the controller interface is unchanged.  This data encryption complies with the “safeharbor” rules that hold for the 46 states that follow those guidelines for data protection.

The benefits of the encrypted SSD technology are the same as for the non-encrypted products – power, ruggedness, size, reliability, speed, and throughput.  Typical software solutions for encryption have a large throughput or performance impact, the harware implementation does not.

The new products feature a hardware password authentication screen that is available at the time of a hard reboot, independent of operating system.  The disk encryption format is 128 bit AES and has complied with all development policies, procedures, and protocols to meet FIPS 1402 Level 2 although the certification level has not as yet been sought by Samsung.

This is one of the first security application products that is addressing the next generation marketplace – power and reliability optimization / security and performance in hardware rather than software / and advance networking application hardware.


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