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Dec 20 2012

Chenming Hu’s 65th B-day – FinFETs, SOI, BSIM and Art

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At UC Berkeley they held a symposium celebrating the 65th Birthday of Prof Chenming Hu that was titled Electrons to Electronics. The well attended event sponsored by the Citris Program, the Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science and the College of Engineering.

The speakers were past alumni of UCB who were Dr. Hu’s students and are now industry luminaries in their own right. While the discussion traveled into the depths of technology, the overall event was a festive one of celebration. The technology themes were great – EDA, FinFETs, SOI, III-V materials, BSIM Models, Energy efficiency, and the future of sub 20nm semiconductor technology. The commonality of these themes is the pioneering work done by Dr Hu since the 1970′s when these ideas and concepts were introduced and now are the basis of the industry.

The repeated theme was the number of citations of the work, papers and inventions that were created by Dr Hu and his students. The reality is that the entire industry at 20nm and forward is embracing his developments, and a great deal of the device work to date that enabled staying on the Moore’s law curve was due to his activities.

Surrounding this deep technical discussion was the genuine enjoyment and excitement of working with him that was shown and discussed in opening stories before each presentation by all the speakers. This reflects his complete role as a Renaissance man – inventor, scientist, artist, and humanist. His devotion and caring for the students was evident from his one-on-on interaction at the event, and his  co-workers.

He was joined at the event by his family, and he took the opportunity to display his other passion – art. The lobby was adorned with an exhibition of paintings created by Dr. Hu and his children – who share his same passion for creative expression. One of his former students and now a Sr technologist at Intel, demonstrated this strength in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) by performing several songs from her recent self-produced album for the audience.

The event was a true celebration of how the creativity, imagination and avid curiosity can change the world in a positive manner.

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