Sep 22 2012

D2S launches Ebeam Mask Data Prep System

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September 2012 – In a discussion with Aki Fjimura of D2S, we reviewed their product announcement for their TrueMask MDP full chip model based Mask Data Preparation system.  The software and customized HPC compute platform called the D2S Computational Design Platform which is based on both multi-core CPU and GPU computing engines – utilizes a standard server rack configuration to address the issue of performing mask data prep on a full chip in a single day.  The scalable system is targeting a system that is as fast as the mask writer and can produce output of 80B shots/day up to 300B shots/day.  This will address processing a typical SOC os 1600mm2 with a shot density of 50 shots/um2 in 24 hours.

The challenge in the system is not just throughput buy also accuracy and the ability to minimize write time by employing shot reduction.  The system has been beta tested by Samsung (see paper #8522-04 at Bacus 2012 by Byung-Gook Kim) that is addressing memory patterns and advanced curvilinear shapes required by multi-patterning systems.  These designs suffer from a systematically created, but non-correctable random fluctuation in printing critical dimension width when created with conventional fraction.  The variation, while tolerable at 120nm masking dimensions, become unmanageably large at the 60nm feature size which is used for the 20nm processes.  The methodology, that is model based, in the TrueMask system minimizes these variations to manageable levels.

The TrueModel engine does not provide a great deal of improvement on simple rectilinear shapes that can conform to rule based designs and checking.  It starts to bring advantages to the speed and accuracy when dealing with complex shapes that usually require a table look up model, or overlapping shot and curvilinear shapes that cannot be described by rules or simple lookup tables (see figure).  The physics based model addresses multiple shot sizes and is also compatible with the eBeam Initiative’s shape based shot methodology.

D2S TrueMask Model Based MDP

The platform is targeted for large multi-run designs such as standard products and firmware programmable platform SOCs.  The benchmarks in the test environment (100TFLOP platform configuration) provided a shot reduction of over 50% and a mean error < 0.03nm.  The modeling system is being supported by the ecosystem by DNP, the eBeam Initiative, HOYA, JEOL, KLA Tencor, and NuFlare.

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