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Feb 19 2012

eBeam and EUV move forward – Adv Litho 2012

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At the 2012 SPIE Advanced Litho Conference the show floor was not very crowded, but the sessions were overflowing – literally. In all the sessions I attended – EUV, DUV, Self Assembly, multi-patterning, not only were the rooms standing room only with all the walls covered with attendees that did not fit in the allocated chairs, but most had crowds in the video relay overflow rooms.

The eBeam initiative along with D2S presented an update that showed progress from multiple partners including a presentation by IP partner Tela innovations in cooperation with CEA-Leti. This work was based on their 1D device topologies with a circular spot in the alternate axis to do pattern definition. This methodology was shown in detail at the conference on a paper based on their 11nm findings. This work expanded on the concept of shifting the VSB and now circular beam spot shape to being used for mask creation and result in a high CD uniformity (CDU) than traditional approaches.

While the Direct write methodology is still being pursued, (enhancements possible with new tools such as the Mapper high beam count cluster tool) the throughput does not compare with the use of the tools to create a traditional litho mask and then process the wafers as normal. The direct write on wafer methodology is still being reserved for key MPW prototype work. Both the mask and wafer direct write flows are moving ot a model based data prep and incorporating circular and character shaped beam images.

The discussion on EUV showed that the technology is making great strides. The power for EUV systems is on a path towards practical use in 2012 which is on track for 2013/2014 production levels. Several papers were presented on the duty cycle, cleaning models, beam purity and other details that well beyond the “we have an idea to try” papers that were common in the sessions in the past.

Gigaphoton have an EUV update shortly after celebrating their shipment of their 1000th laser system. 2012 will have thier EUV system shipping in addition to thier DUV solutions. They are releasing a 7w clean power sytsem based on a 90khz Sn droplet rate EUV source to ASML this year. This 7w core is bign ganged and increased to 50W by Q4 fo 2012. The 50W clean power unit can be ganged to produce a 250w 100wafer/hr system by ASML.

At this time, the system is running an 3.8% conversion efficiency at 2.5mJ at a 10hz droplet rate, This directly scales to 250w at at 100kHz droplet rate. The challenge is the on-demand droplet generator using a 20u Sn droplet.

On the DUV side, Gigaphoton had improvements in both eith KrF and ArF systems. As a focus on manufacturing vs cost of ownership (they use a cost per pulse billing model that is full service rather than a putchase/supply model) their improvements are related to total system throughput and downtime. One of the major advancements was the creation of a new STGM sensor for the ArF lasers. The new system has sensors that monitor Oxygen in the system rather than the Argon and allow the progress to be monitored without a loss of ArF gas and the downtime to return the system to a low vacuum level.

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