The announcement that Steve Jobs was stepping down as Apple CEO was not a surprise to everyone, me included. With his deteriorating health, I think it was a not a question of if but when.

Jobs is a remarkable individual, combining true industry visionary qualities with top-notch business acumen. Silicon Valley has been blessed with many technology visionaries, including one I was lucky enough to work for – Doug Fairbairn at VLSI Technology. But Jobs is different – he is able to tell us what we need before we knew we needed it –in other words, he is a “Killer Apps” visionary. As co-founder of Apple and a major contributor to the first Macintosh computers, Jobs foresaw a time when the PC would become a staple in homes, businesses and schools. I was an early Macintosh Performa user at VLSI and, at that time, they were far better than the other available PCs. Then he and Apple parted ways and the company began a steady decline.

When Jobs was asked to return, Apple spread its wings beyond individual computers and began addressing the broad consumer market. I never thought the iPod would redefine the way we buy, download and listen to music – but it did. The iPhone started the real smartphone market and we all realized that with something like the iPhone with us, we didn’t need to take the laptop everywhere (although 24/7 connectivity does get old at times). Then the iPad started the tablet revolution and netbook computers, well, they don’t stand a chance.

Yes, Jobs is a remarkable person and Apple was lucky to have him at the helm all these years. He will still be working with them, and that’s a good thing – there are plenty of other undiscovered killer consumer apps out there.

Best of luck, Steve. I just wish I had bought Apple stock about 20-25 years ago.

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