A few weeks ago, while shopping for a new LCD HDTV, I was fascinated by the number of 3D televisions that were on sale at various stores. I don’t know how well they are selling, but the marketing push on radio and television for purchasing a 3D TV has been fierce since Thanksgiving. However, it is surprising that any 3D sets are selling for one reason – very little 3D content is available for you to watch.

Check your local television content provider (mine is Comcast) and the number of sports, movies, special events, games, etc. offered in 3D is a very small fraction of the total content you can watch. And, like the 3D theatrical releases during the past year or so, not a lot of what is available in 3D is worth watching in 3D, if at all (anyone but alumni want to watch the Rutgers – William and Mary field hockey game?). The availability of 3D Blu-ray disks follows a similar pattern.

Buying a part of an entertainment system before there is sufficient content to make the purchase worthwhile is not new to the consumer, especially in the television market. In the mid-1990s, my wife asked me if we were getting HDTVs for our new house; she had read about them. At that time, the only HDTV was an analog set offered by a Japanese manufacturer at an exorbitant price. I don’t recall how much HD video content was available at that time, but if there was any it wasn’t much. Many years before then, when RCA introduced their first color television, there was a similar problem – a TV enabled to display color video but practically no color TV broadcasts (and I lived in New York City, where we were blessed with three networks – CBS, NBC and ABC).

Some folks seem to relish being the “first on their block” to own the latest and greatest electronic gismo. I, on the other hand, like to let the dust settle after a new product or type of product hits the market (4th generation iPhones anyone?). Purchasing a TV with enhanced capabilities costs a substantial premium over a set with standard features, so why do so before you have the content you need to take advantage of these higher-level capabilities? I guess some folks just like to jump the gun when it comes to entertainment systems. Good luck and…don’t forget the new 3D Blu-Ray player.

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