While many third-party organizations conceived and launched to assist both semiconductor IP vendors and users have gone by the wayside (think VCX and VSIA, for example), the need for such groups has certainly not gone away. In fact, due to the breadth of available IP and the increase in SoC complexity, this requirement is now even stronger.

IP creation, evaluation and integration suffer from a lack of standards and the purchase of IP of almost any complexity requires better-than-average communication between vendor and user. It’s this need that makes the Constellations program, initiated by IPextreme and a small core of charter members, so compelling.

Originally conceived as a sales collaboration effort between small IP vendors, Constellations is in the process of rethinking its goals and expanding into other member-cooperative efforts that will, ultimately, benefit the members and their customers. While the expanded Constellations efforts are still in the discussion and planning stages, the group’s ultimate goal is to simplify the IP exchange process between vendor and integrator. Towards this end, Constellations is offering a free, one-day conference on March 31 in Santa Clara on “What keeps you up at night about buying IP?” The event will comprise presentations and panels discussing the technical and business issues of purchasing IP from an outside source. To register for the conference, please go to: http://constellations2010.eventbrite.com/

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