There has been a trend over the past several years in the electronics community. It has been driven by the dismal economy along with the rise of social networking. I am referring to the diminishing number of technical editors covering electronics technology.

Virtually every electronics trade journal has seen a substantial decrease in the size of their full-time editorial staff. These people are the ones, through long-term experience and a good set of contacts within the various companies and trade organizations they write about, who gave us in-depth, well balanced and well written articles on a wide range of interesting technology topics. The key term here is ‘well balanced’ – good technical editors can write without bias and cover the pluses and minuses of a cool technology, industry trend and emerging application.

Well, unfortunately, these people are fast disappearing. Taking their places are blogs and other social media venues for technology coverage – but without the constraints and guidelines of a well-run publisher. As interesting and informative as they may be, blogs are, essentially, opinion pieces. Bloggers, me included, offer opinions on various subjects and do not always present hard and fast facts or a balanced argument. This is not to say blogs are bad – good bloggers present very interesting pieces on some fascinating subjects. However, bloggers are not replacements for the traditional technical editorial staff on publications such as Chip Design, EDN, Electronics Design, EETimes and many others.

Editorial technology coverage, as we know it, is fast disappearing. To the detriment of the electronics community, it is going…going…almost gone, and that’s a real shame.

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