I recently sat in on a webinar sponsored by eg3.com on “How Designers Search – Survey Results.” The information in the webinar was gleaned from the 185 managers, engineers and programmers working in commercial or military positions out of 443 respondents to a survey sent to eg3.com’s 43,000-plus subscriber list – a small sample, but still meaningful.

The survey asked a series of questions to determine: how engineers and programmers search for information on technology, what content they seek, and what are their search strategies. I am normally skeptical of free webinars to the engineering community (since so many are thinly veiled sales or marketing pitches), but this was a pretty good one, with some expected results and a few surprises.

Not unexpected, search engines are highly regarded and used by engineers, virtually all the time. Google is King, followed by Yahoo (a distant second) and Microsoft’s Bing. Beyond search engines, other Internet-based media was a very good source of information to the engineering community, while emails and newsletters were also highly regarded.

Social media as information sources is growing slowly and, currently, appears to be greatly overhyped for this purpose. While still popular (but significantly behind search engines), trade shows and print publications are losing ground.

The survey results also gave insight into how engineers search on the Internet. I was surprised to find out that most do not give up after the first page of links, but go down as far as the third page. In fact, almost 40% “often” or “always” go as far as Page 10 on their searches.

In the “What do Designers Want” category, ‘hands-on’ items such as demos, software and evaluation kits rank very highly. On the flip side, vendor articles and webinars ranked moderately low and podcasts very low in response to a “What Information do you seek” question (the webinar response probably due to the same perception that I have that many are sales or marketing tools).

There was a lot of other useful information in the webinar, making this hour a good use of my time. For more information on future eg3.com’s marketing webinars on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), free and paid, go to www.eg3.com/technology-marketing/seo.htm.

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