Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to sit in on several conference and other event keynotes given by Wally Rhines, Mentor CEO and Chairman. Wally’s presentations are always very informative and entertaining – the keynote he gave at DesignCon this week was no exception. He called it, “Common Wisdom Versus Reality in the Electronics Industry.” I think of it as electronics industry myth busting.

In his talk, Wally tackled a number of popular concepts, including: the slowing adoption of new technology: the belief that in a stable EDA market there is no opportunity for change; the increasing cost of EDA tools is making them unaffordable to many; more companies are moving towards single-vendor EDA flows; and consolidation in the semiconductor industry. He then proceeded to show why each of these statements is not true, through the use of some very thought-provoking charts and graphs based on data from industry analysts and other knowledgeable sources.

While Wally’s talk focused on EDA issues, it also covered other areas of importance within the semiconductor industry, including such topics as the history over the past 25+ years of semiconductor R&D spending and the acceleration of EE headcount in recent years. These are areas to think about when evaluating the industry and considering its future during the current economic crisis.

A video of Wally’s keynote will be on the DesignCon website (http://www.designcon.com/2009) shortly. I highly recommend that everyone view it.

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