One area of the semiconductor industry that has really taken a beating over the past five years or so has been industry shows and conferences.  The proliferation of new conferences, particularly vertically oriented; the increasing use of the Internet for getting company, product and technical information; and reduced company budgets for both show/conference exhibiting and attendees has led to the demise of several one-time very large trade shows (think Wescon, for example) and sharp participant and attendee reductions in many others.  So – are trade shows still worth the time and effort to attend?  Absolutely, if you set your expectations at the right level.


The need to go to a trade show to see which companies have what products has certainly decreased sharply – the World Wide Web and conglomeration of on-line portals, blogs and other information-providing sites makes the gleaning of product and company information relatively simple.  However, there are still a few reasons to take the time to attend a particular show, particularly if the cost is low (or, better yet, there is no charge). 


Near the top of the list is networking.  I recently attended the FSA Expo and, within the space of a couple of hours, ran into two people with whom I needed to talk but had been unable to reach on the phone.  Other “should I attend? factors include how close the exhibitor base and, if offered, technical sessions are aligned to your work, and where the show is located (local is always good and travel is fine if the benefits seem to warrant the cost).  Finally, if you know that some of your customers will be attending the show, well, that certainly is incentive to go and meet with them.


“So many shows, so little time? is a good description of the dilemma we all face when determining whether or not to attend a trade show.  However, the effort to do so may help you do your job faster and better.  Just make sure to research what the show offers and who you might meet while you are there.


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