When my 2 ½ year old laptop developed hard disk problems last month, I knew the end was near.  I bit the bullet and purchased a new laptop complete with Microsoft’s new operating system, Vista.  Having been working with Vista for a few weeks now (along with one of the new Microsoft Office 2007 suites), there are a few impressions/suggestions I would like to pass along.

1.      Overall, I am happy with Vista.  Despite the expected learning process of finding out how to do things that were done a little bit differently in XP, I find Vista to be very intuitive.  I also think it makes better use of visual information than does XP, especially for the various file generation and manipulation commands.

2.      Don’t believe the Microsoft recommended memory requirements of 1 GByte.  I spoke to several IT people and they all said I should get 2 GByte, which I did.  So far, everything works smoothly and I don’t see excessive time delays loading and saving data in the various programs.

3.      One disappointment is Windows Mail, which is included as the successor to Outlook Express.  I used it for a few days and then it stopped working, along with not letting me access any email messages I had saved.  After the fact, I found out that Windows Mail has serious problems with virus and firewall protection programs such as those from McAfee and Symantek.  That’s when I purchased Outlook.

My suggestion – if you are buying a new PC, and all but the custom configured ones come with Vista, that’s fine.  I haven’t found any real bugs yet, except for the Windows Mail problem.  But don’t go out and purchase Vista to replace your existing XP because you think it will be so much better.  It’s not worth making the change for the enhancements I have found in it.

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