Neutrinos Still Faster Than Light

New Neutrino experiment at Cern repeats the impossible

According to an article by Jason Palmer, a Science and technology reporter with the BBC News (, the latest rerun of the Cern experiment again found that Neutrinos traveled through 700km of rock faster than possible before reaching Gran Sasso’s underground laboratories.

The new work used shorter bunches of neutrinos, to comply with earlier criticisms.

Their latest experimental results have been posted to the Arxiv repository and submitted to the Journal of High Energy Physics, and have not yet been reviewed by the scientific community.

The experiments were carried out by the Opera collaboration (Oscillation Project with Emulsion (T)racking Apparatus). The initial experiments, 15,000 separate measurements spread out over three years, found that the neutrinos arrived 60 billionths of a second faster than light would have, travelling unimpeded over the same distance. The latest results echoed those results.

Next year, teams working on two other experiments at Gran Sasso–Borexino and Icarus–will begin independent cross-checks of Opera’s results. The US Minos experiment and Japan’s T2K experiment will also test the observations. It will be several months before they can report.

I have been assured by a top theoretical physicist that these results are impossible and that something is wrong with the experiment. I then consulted with myself in both the future and the past, and we agree. This just can’t be happening and that practical time travel will never occur—except when filling out time cards.

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  • Mahesh Khati says:

    The OPERA recorded speed of Neutrino which is more than light. Before 23 years, I had proved mathematically that relative velocity may be more than light velocity. CERN proved experimentally that velocity of Neutrinos may be more than light, if this news will be confirmed then that will be new beginning of physics. So, it is necessary to think different than old concept of science.
    Please read paper “What is matter & dark matter is made up of?” on my web site This paper may help to find solution to this problem & other problems like what is dark matter? & about true relativity. I also proved E= mc^2 without referring Einstein’s relativity. I strongly oppose special theory of relativity

  • Juan Glaser says:

    So in my 2cents… we are measuring light speed that is slower than Neutrinos because “Light” moves up and down in a “Wave” and Neutrinos move in a straight line because it dose and is not affected buy Gravity or Matter or a Positive/Negitive charge, thus Neutrinos move in a straight line… Making Neutrinos just a hair faster….. What do you think ? Like the old saying goes.. Fastest way to get from point A to point B is by going in a strate line…

  • Otto Krog says:

    What if the speed of light isn’t constant, as some physicists suggested recently?

    What if the speed of light varies through time and space?

    That would create some interesting theory. At least I think so.

    Antimatter is the mind and consciousness of all living entities.

    You are your own universe.

    Reality is where the minds (antimatter) meets the physical universe.

    Interested? Then read my philosophical multiverse theory.

    Google crestroyer theory, and find it instantly.

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