by Peggy Aycinena


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Welcome to EDA Nation, an on-line periodical with news and commentary on the EDA industry. Hosted on the Chip Design website (, the intention here is to provide monthly updates on the industry—as well as some analysis—in a concise and useful format.

As the technology sector rebounds (albeit slowly for those who are impatient), the number of editorial platforms is increasing as well. This newsletter represents part of that upturn in the publishing sector and intends to augment and enhance the technical information and analysis made available to readers of Chip Design Magazine, Extension Media's bi-monthly print publication under the direction of John Blyler as Editor-in-Chief.

John has always respected the engineers, sales and marketing folks, and managers that constitute the citizenry of the EDA Nation. I second that notion. In that spirit, I look forward to hearing from all of you regarding this newsletter, just as John encourages response to Chip Design Magazine.

Honest and open discourse in an industry—or a nation—is that which makes an industry and a nation strong. Thank you for joining in on the conversation.

Peggy Aycinena
August 2004