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My Summer Vacation


Blogging has been something that slipped off my radar for the past year. Here’s a reboot to see if I can get this going again. I’ll start with where my brain has been the past 9 months. Once I have this out, the plan is to start blogging about my thoughts on industry happenings, needs, etc. around embedded and multicore.

My activities for 2010 have consisted primarily of two things 1) writing a new book and 2) sabbatical.

The new book is entitled “Break Away with Intel Atom Processors” and was co-authored with Lori Matassa. This book is primarily targeted at embedded software developers considering a project involving Intel Atom processors. For more information, please consult: http://www.intel.com/intelpress/sum_ms2a.htm

I’m really quite excited about this book. The theme of the book is on architecture migration. What was really critical for us in shaping the content was in trying to figure out what the average developer, familiar with other architectures, needs to know in order to move to Intel architecture. We needed to cover many different topics such as basic architecture, operating systems, performance optimization, boot loader selection, and Intel technology. A book could be written individually on any of these topics. We needed to find the right balance of technical detail, enough to get the reader comfortable while also providing pointers to the more detailed ‘textbooks’ on the individual subjects. I believe we’ve hit this balance well and hopeful that readers will agree.

Now, the really fun stuff – Every 7 years my company allows employees to take 8 weeks sabbatical. I lined up my sabbatical with my kids’ summer vacation. We spent a large chunk of July camping on the Oregon coast and central Oregon. In August we drove to California for a Disneyland visit followed by a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise. Without a doubt, this was the best summer vacation I have ever had. I only had a few book items to work on during the summer. I found it fascinating that I could be on a ship in the Pacific ocean working. Laptop connected to Wifi connected to satellite internet – just 10 years ago this did not exist – amazing how fast technology moves.

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