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Multicore – assimilating the new developments


There was a brief pause in my blogging as I have been assimilating some of the new developments in the multicore realm.  Some of the items are close to home for me at my respective company with the acquisition of Wind River, Cilk Arts, and RapidMind.  I’m not at liberty to comment on strategy, future plans, or anything along those lines right now and would refer you to my respected colleague, James Reinders and his blog: http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/author/james-reinders/

My 2+ 2 thoughts are along different lines.  I recently noticed a couple of sites reposting articles that I drafted several years back – one article was 3 years old and the other 2 years.  On the plus side, it’s quite flattering that articles I’ve drafted are still considered relevant after this time.  On the negative, the question is – if they are still relevant, is that because the ball hasn’t moved that far forward?  Have there been no breakthroughs made in the past 3 years that would advance the state of the art and obsolete my writing?

A couple of months back, I commented on Ramo’s book and tried to draw similarities with what’s happening in multicore software development.  I still believe that out of this clash of ideas will come a set of multicore programming models that provide increasing benefit to customers.  Call it round 2 if you will.

I’m interested to hear what people think.  How far has the ball been moved forward with regard to multicore software development in the past 3 years?

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