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MPP: On Documenting Best Known Methods for Multicore


I don’t mind the travel restrictions imposed by the economy because I’ve been fortunate to not have to travel until now.  Next week, I’m taking a day trip to Santa Clara to attend the Multicore Association Board Meeting and to discuss status on the working group I co-chair, Multicore Programming Practices.

The group, comprised of technical leaders from a variety of embedded software companies have been iterating on an outline of the document for the last 4 months.  The outline which weighs in at ~30 pages and 7 chapters is structured after your typical software development projects, e.g. analysis, design, debug, and performance tune.  The team has now split up to tackle the writing of 3 of the chapters, those focused on 1) an overview of available technology, 2) analysis and high level design, and 3) performance tuning. 

The challenge the group has is in trying to sufficiently explain the material detailed in the outline while staying in line with the targeted page budget.  Very early on, David and I wanted a document that was more than a whitepaper, but much less than a book, so ~100 pages felt about right.  What this means is that we’ll be trying to distill the need to know information into for example about 20 pages for the analysis and high level design chapter.  The team will obviously reference backing material where necessary, but I suspect the highly technical engineers on this project will want to explain topics in minute detail and will be challenged to be brief. 

I’m looking forward to reporting our progress at the board meeting on 3/16 and also seeing the results of the initial writing that will be completed this month.  



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