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Embedded Multicore Debug


Early February finds me working on talks and papers for Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley.  I really do enjoy attending the conference every year and they really do treat their speakers well.  I’ve had the opportunity to hear keynotes from Al Gore and Dean Kamen (Segway inventor).  This year’s keynote is from Ken Mattingly of Apollo 13 fame.  How cool is that!

Of course, being a speaker at the conference involves real work, putting together a talk that will be appreciated by embedded developers with different experiences, backgrounds, interests, etc.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been working on the first of my two presentations, a talk on embedded multicore debug.  This topic is very broad and I’m not an expert in all of the areas so I’m learning a great deal as I put together this talk.

What I’ve found is that multicore debug is not a solved problem.  It is very difficult and the technology for helping is somewhat early in maturation.  A positive spin – there are lots of opportunity for innovation in this area.  My talk will cover technology such as static analysis, simulators, thread verification tools, and hardware assisted tracing.  It’s a beginner level talk so can’t go too deep in each of these areas.

Anyone care to disagree with my statement – multicore debug is not a solved problem?

Best, Max

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