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EXOCHI as in EXO-Cha Cha Cha

Friday, den 30. May 2008

I’m sitting in the speaker ready room at Intel R&D day in Tokyo preparing for my talk in two hours.  The subject of my talk is on the future plans of the Intel C++ Compiler with regards to programming for multi-core processors.  I have the distinction of following after Matsumoto-san, the inventor of Ruby.  Hopefully, [...]

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Wednesday, den 14. May 2008

“It transforms into a bird
Its name is Peng
The wingspan of Peng
We know not how many thousand leagues” – Chuang Tzu
Sometimes you can fall for a trap when you work on the same project with the same people for years on end.  You start assuming that the thoughts and state of mind shared by the folks you iteract [...]

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