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Cadence-Mentor Battle Spurs Local Interest

Several Portland-based news and business publishers are following the Cadence proposed buyout of Mentor: > Oregon’s Homegrown Technologies Lose Edge: Wilsonville-based Mentor Graphics Corp may become the next corporate headquarters to leave Covered by long time Oregonian tech reporter Mike Rogoway, who also runs a great blog called “Silicon Forest” > Portland Business Journal – [...]

GlobalPress coverage

Lots going on at Globalpress. Great EDA and semiconductor discussions. But, alas, I have no time (or hardware) to do anything but short posts. Look for more later this week, once I return. You can track my micoblog on twitter, if you’re really bored.

EDN has a Potential Buyer?

From Min online: Last week the B2B industry was shaken by the news that Reed Business Information was being put up for sale by parent company Reed Elsevier. Today, it was reported by the Times of London, that RBI might have a potential suitor: private equity firm Apax Partners. According to, a spokesperson for [...]

Would the last editor who leaves EDA please turn out the lights?

Two more veteren EDA editors have been ushered out of the fold. My sympathies (or perhaps congratulations?) to Michael Santarini and EiC Maury Wright, formerly at EDN. Lou Covey’s “State of the Media” blog was the first to post this latest media layoff. Very discouraging. – JB

Most Under-rated Technologies

I hate lists! The reason is simple; Lists remind me of all those trite bullet points that I see at the beginning, middle and end of every single &%# PowerPoint presentation that I’ve ever had the misfortune to experience. Still, there is no denying the popularity of lists on the web. So reluctantly, I’ll enter [...]

GooglePage – Google’s Spin on a HomePage

Caution: Nothing of real interest here. I just need a place to record the URL before I forget:

Editor Works by Firelight to meet Deadlines

Lost power today. Had to work the old fashioned way, with pen, paper and firelight. Such dedication! Hope the publisher is watching.

American Innovation Driven by Immigrants

“The most striking trend is the strong growth in Chinese contributions to U.S. innovation. Since 2000, however, the contributions of Chinese scientists have leveled off, while Indian contributions showed a slight decline. This may be raising a red flag about America’s capability to innovate in the future.? – The Changing Face of American Innovation, Harvard [...]

At Large At IMEC: “To 3D or not 3D? When/How is the Question.”

Editor’s Note: These continuing reports are from Jim Kobylecky – Chip Design’s Technology Editor – at the IMEC in Leuven, Belgium. – JB Unless you’re going to begin that second career soon as an Alaskan bush pilot, you will probably find yourself becoming a 3D designer. Chip real estate isn’t getting any cheaper, and the [...]

At Large: The IMEC ARRM2007 Press Review

Editor’s Note: The following reports are from Jim Kobylecky, our own Chip Design editor. – JB With competitive pressures growing and R&D budgets shrinking, where is the future coming from? Where are the generations beyond the next generation of technology being actively and practically explored? One hopeful answer is here in Leuven, Belgium . It’s [...]

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