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Beginning the Discussion on the Internet-of-Space

A panel of experts from academia and industry assembled at the recent IEEE IMS event to answer critical questions are the role and impact of RFIC technologies.

Cybernetic Human Via Wearable IOT

UC Berkeley’s Dr. Rabaey sees humans becoming an extension of the wearable IoT via neuron connectivity at recent IEEE IMS event.

A Holistic Approach to Automotive Memory Qualification

The Robustness Validation approach in design of automotive memory components addresses reliability and safety margins between design and actual application.

World of Sensors Highlights Pacific NW Semiconductor Industry

Line-up of semiconductor and embedded IOT experts to talk at SEMI Pacific NW “World of Sensors” event.

IEEE Governance in Division

Will a proposed amendment modernize the governance of one of the oldest technical societies or transfer power to a small grouper of officials?

Has The Time Come for SOC Embedded FPGAs?

Shrinking technology nodes at lower product costs plus the rise of compute-intensive IOT applications help Menta’s e-FPGA outlook.

Increasing Power Density of Electric Motors Challenges IGBT Makers

Mentor Graphics answers failure mode questions and simulation-testing for IGBT and MOSFET power electronics in electronic, hybrid-electronic vehicles (EV/HEV).

One EDA Company Embraces IP in an Extreme Way

Silvaco’s acquisition of IPextreme points to the increasing importance of IP in EDA.

Trends in Hyper-Spectral Imaging, Cyber-Security and Auto Safety

Highlights from SPIE Photonics, Accellera’s DVCon and Automotive panels focus on semiconductor’s changing role in emerging markets.

Fit-for-Purpose Tools Needed for ISO 26262 Certification

Both the product development process and third-party tool “fit-for-purpose” certification are needed for Automotive ISO 26262.

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