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Dr. Stan Krolikoski’s Words and Award

A look back at Stan’s blogs and a look forward to his award.

At this year’s Design Automation Conference, Dr. Stan Krolikoski was honored with the 2013 Accellera Systems Initiative Leadership Award for his vision and contributions to EDA and IP standards.

Dr. Krolikoski has a long list of technical and business achievements. He has held vice president positions at EDA giant Cadence and start-ups like ChipVision, where he was the CEO. He has been a welcome presence in various standard communities throughout his career. (Here’s just one example: “Interview with Stan Krolikoski at DVCon 2011 –  SystemC Day” – Discussion on Verification IP (VIP), SystemC, IEEE 1666 Standard).

Chipestimate.TV's Sean O'Kane interviews Stan Krolikoski at DVCon 2011 - SystemC Day.

On a more personal basis, I was proud to have Stan as a blogger on Chip Design magazine, where he covered standards and the people behind them for many years. What follows is a brief listing of those blogs:

Looking at DVCon 2012

DVCon 2012 ended yesterday, March 1.  Rather than recap the entire conference, I’d like to focus on the “high energy” surrounding the event, starting with the vendor exhibitions.

John Aynsley and the IEEE SystemC LRM

The Accellera Systems Initiative has announced that John Aynsley, the CTO of Doulos, will be awarded that organization’s Technical Achievement Award for his “contributions to SystemC”…How, then, was any technical process managed, when there was only one technical meeting?  Simply put, almost all progress was made as the result of discussions held via the group’s email reflector.

Get Ready ‘Cause Here It Comes: Accellera Systems Initiative Day @ DVCon

Lots of ink has been spilt (in a good cause) in reporting on the new Accellera Systems Initiative organization.  However, many of you may still wonder how you can get an in-depth view of what is happening in this new organization, which resulted from the merger of Accellera and the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI).

Why the OSCI-Accellera Merger?

By now, most of you will have heard and read about the merger of Accellera and OSCI into the Accellera Systems Initiative. A question that may linger after reading various press accounts is, “Why a merger?”

Larry, Larry, Larry!

On Sunday, December 4, Larry Saunders received the Ron Waxman award from the IEEE Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC) for extraordinary service to the DASC.

Ada-C redux

In a recent post on the DeepChip website, Gary Smith states that Fortran and Ada are superior to C and its variants, but notes that “…unless there is a major revolt among Embedded Programmers, we are stuck with C and SystemC.”

The Deaths of Two Tech Giants

All of you undoubtedly noted the passing of Steve Jobs on October 5.  What you might have missed is the passing of another high-technology giant, viz., Dennis Ritchie a few days later.  Ritchie was the father of the C language and one of the main forces behind the development of UNIX®.

OSCI-Accellera: Cue Mr. Peabody’s WABAC Machine

As most of you will have seen by now, Accellera and OSCI have announced their intention to form a new EDA standards organization, which will cover the design flow roughly from gate-level up through the system-level.  This may seem to be a natural move to most people, and one that could easily have happened years ago.

DVCON & DATE 2011: A Retrospective

The last two months since my last post have been extremely busy for me—several weeks out of the office and new responsibilities at work.  In this post, I’d like to briefly look at the two conferences, DVCon and DATE, that I attended during this period.

Reflections on UVM 1.0

As you may have already seen in the blogosphere and in the tweetdom, the Accellera Board today approved the release of UVM 1.0.  This release is a major accomplishment from a technical standpoint, but it also represents a triumph of the collective will of the electronics/EDA industry.

Thoughts On SystemC Users’ Groups

I ate breakfast a few weeks ago with Gabe Moretti of GabeOnEDA fame—always a pleasant event.  During our discussion, Gabe opined that the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) was superior to other front-end standards organization because of its SystemC Users’ Groups like NASCUG, ESCUG, the Taiwan SystemC users’ Group, SystemC Japan, and so forth.

SystemVerilog in Japan

During the EDSF show held in Yokohama in late January, there were several meetings between members of JEITA and members of the IEEE Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC): Hamaguchi-san (SystemVerilog WG Chair, Panasonic), Kojima-san (JEITA Fellow, NECST), Imai-san (SystemC WG Chair, Toshiba).

Standards– This Time It’s Personal

On Sunday evening, December 6, I came face-to-face with part of my past.  The window to my past was opened by meeting (after a very long hiatus) with two of the “founding fathers” of the EDA standards world, Hal Carter and Ron Waxman, at the IEEE Standards Association Awards Banquet in New Brunswick, NJ.

Another Standard Forthcoming in 2011

In my most recent post, I highlighted two standards that are scheduled to be released in 2011, viz., UVM from Accellera and SystemC from the IEEE P1666 Working Group (WG).  In this post, I’ll focus on another standard that will be put to a vote (and presumably approved) in 2011.  This standard is the “e” language standard developed by the IEEE P1647 WG, chaired by Darren Galpin.

New & Updated EDA Standards Coming In 2011

I have not posted in a few weeks, but not because things have been quiet in the standards world.  Rather, too much has been happening, and it has been hard to find time to sit down and summarize for those who might not be intently following such things.

Planning For IEEE Standards Association Corporate Membership

With the 2011 corporate budget planning cycle about to begin in many companies, I thought it appropriate to review the IEEE Standards Association (SA) corporate membership plan, including both its costs and benefits. 

Standards & Reference Implementations

In a previous blog entry, I spoke about the relationship between standards and open-source software, concluding that “open-source standard” was an oxymoron.

DVCon 2011 Is Open For Business

DVCon 2011, sponsored by Accellera, is now open for paper abstracts and proposals for panels/sponsored tutorials.

The Importance of Front-End Standards

It was recently announced that Shishpal Rawat has been elected Chair of Accellera, a key “Front End” (i.e., RTL and above) EDA standards organization.  This by itself is a fine development, since I have absolutely no doubt that Accellera will prosper under Shishpal’s leadership.

The “Open Source Standard” Oxymoron

Recently, I explained why the forthcoming Accellera UVM Standard will not be released under an open-source license. UVM will have an open-source reference implementation associated with it, but the actual UVM Standard will not be open source.

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