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Designcon 2013 Videos with AWR, Agilent, and More

IP Insider‘s John Blyler and Chipestimate.TV‘s Sean O’Kane interview AWR (National Instruments) and Agilent and talk about cool technology.

Here are video highlights from Designcon 2013:

John interviews Sherry Hess, VP with AWR – a National Instruments company – about software piracy.

Sean and John talk about what’s unique at DesignCon 2013, including Tek, Cast, SiSoft, and others.

 Sean interviews Doru Popescu, Agilent Technologies, about technology and real vs. virtual trade shows.


What happens behind the scenes:

Lani Wong's in the camera. How does she do that?

The Chipestimate.TV camera crew in action. Nice job, guys!

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