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Chip Design Enters the Third Dimension

How will stacked die affect the IP supply chain? FinFet transistor structures will require new Spice models. But what else?

Today is a mix of medias – all dealing with the coming die and chip 3D challenges:

1. My colleague and editor-in-chief of the Low-Power High-Performance portal – Ed Sperling – has written a three-part IP- supply-chain series based upon interviews with the following: Jim Hogan, an independent VC; Jack Brown, senior vice president at Sonics; Mike Gianfagna, vice president of marketing at Atrenta; Paul Hollingworth, vice president of strategic accounts at eSilicon, and Warren Savage, CEO of IPextreme. Here’s the last of that series:  Experts At The Table: The Business Of IP.

- Notable quote from Warren Savage, CEO of IPextreme, responding to a question about the future of IP on stacked die:

“It also means that IP can live longer because it can stay in older nodes longer. Foundries producing 0.18 and 0.13 can continue to make it. IP already has an extremely long life.” – Warren Savage

2. In this short video, Sean O’Kane from Chipestimate.TV and I talk with ARM’s John Heinlein about the coming challenges faced by IP designers using FinFet transistor structures.

- TSMC OIP 2012 – John Heinlein interview




Originally posted on Chipestimate.TV’s “IP Insider.

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