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“Dies Caniculares” Reading List

This “Dog Days of Summer” technology list is not to be read indoors!

It’s the last of the “Dog Days of Summer” – down, Sirius, down! I’m not referring to the satellite-based radio station or even Apple’s Siri voice-recognition system – but you can ask Siri for help.

Anyone reading this blog should really be outside enjoying the last of summer before schools start and people in the Northern Hemisphere return earnestly to work.

Sirius is part of a constellation called Canis Major – the Great Dog.

Are you still here, trying to figure out where I’m going with this story? I’m going nowhere but outside. You should do the same. So grab your favorite tablet, find a shady tree to sit under, and select one of these fascinating stories for your reading pleasure. I’ll be doing the same. TGIF!

Suggest readings (in no particular order):

One potential location for a commercial spaceport - Mojave, CA.


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