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Semicon West 2012 Videos

Show floor interviews with leaders from Semico Research, MEMS Industry.

Group, ASML, Soitec, Applied Materials, and IMEC.Semicon West 2012 – Part 1
- Where cerulean skies shine on uncertain market trends and a MEMS director dreams of terminating the interviewer.
Interviews with:

  • Jim Feldhan, President and CEO of Semico Research
  • Karen Lightman, Managing Director for MEMS Industry Group (MIG)

Semicon West 2012 – Part 2
- Where materials matter and a French CEO talks about scaling.
Interviews with:

  • Lucas van Grinsven, Head of Communications, ASML
  • André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé is co-founder and CEO of Soitec.

Semicon West 2012 – Part 3
- Where 3D models float in the air, tall men talk about 450nm and the Flemish government, and Sean and John seek refreshment.
Interviews with:

  • Sree R. Kesapragada, PhD, Global Product Manager at Applied Materials
  • Ludo Deferm, Executive Vice President at IMEC


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