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RF Telescope at Arecibo Picks up Dr. Who

Yes – it’s a fake story. Still, it would be interesting to see the mathematics showing the reflected signal strength from 25 light years away.

Why is this story fake? As pointed out on Skeptic Friends, the first clue was the date: April 1 2009. Secondly, the story site looked like a BBC webpage the URL was hosted at, not BBC.

Still, I thought it was real enough to write the following post: “Set the Way-Back machine for 41 MHz, Mr. Peabody. I’m going to listen to 50 year old Dr Who reruns from 25 light years away! (Thx to Paula for pointing this out.)”

47 Year Old Television Signals Bouncing Back to Earth

“While searching deep space for extra-terrestrial signals, scientists at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico have stumbled across signals broadcast from Earth nearly half a century ago.”

It’s too bad that the story is fake AND that it cited Arecibo, an important U.S. assest that is struggling for funding. Here’s a story from my first visit to this remarkable and remote research facility: “Remote RF Telescope Bring Sci-Fi To Reality

RF Telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico.


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