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Technology Gives Way to Spooky Readings

Alright – I admit it! Last night wasn’t spent working on story about silicon manufacturing variability below 20nm. Instead, I snuck out with my better half and attended … must I confess? A poetry reading!


But true to the season, it was a soul satisfying recitation of terrifying tales with unexpected endings. The readers, well versed in their craft, were actors from the “Bag and Baggage” company. All told, it was memorable evening made all the better with the right company and a few goblets of Renaissance wine at Orenco Station.  What better way to prepare for tonight’s festivities on the eve before Hallowmas?


Although my time is timeless on this earth,
I still recall when days of gold turned cold
and how we all believed this new year’s birth
was eve that spirits roamed; bad ones grew bold!



Grisly Reminder

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