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Time Travel is Out: Stopping Time is In

Time travel is fascinating, but passé. Instead of travel, how about the antithesis, namely, not traveling? It’s like a Zen moment without the moment. Is time flowing or stopped?

Remember the stasis boxes from the old and short lived 1970’s Star Trek cartoon series? Created by a long dead but highly advanced society, these containers had the capability of stopping time. This was a great way to keep vital technology from decaying over eons of time. (I wonder what the freshness tag would look like on a stasis box.)

Physicists may have stumbled upon the basis for such technology through the user of time lens, which magnify or compress time. [Physicists Create a Hole In Time to Hide Events]

Do you want a more contemporary example of time travel NOT? Look no further than the doctor (Dr Who) and his imprisonment within the Pandorica, from which one cannot even escape by dying because – you guessed it – time stands still.

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