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UFO vs. Ghost Hunters

A ballot initiative in Colorado has created a spirited debate between extraterrestrial believers and their ghostly brethren, both claiming that science and the least blurry pictures are on their side.

A battle is brewing over the skies and within all the haunted places in Denver, CO. The combatants for this unearthly contest come from the ranks of the paranormal and the extraterrestrial, i.e., between ghost hunters and UFO enthusiasts. Ground Zero for this war of the worlds is the voting booth. At risk is the future of a yet to be created Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. Voters will determine the fate of this commission on November 2nd with their vote on a ballot initiative know as “300.” Perhaps it should have been called “Area 300.”

Ballot Initiative 300 is being promoted by Jeff Peckman, a believer that we are not alone in the universe. To his credit, he admits that he has never been visited by intergalactic beings. To his discredit,

The opposition, spearheaded by Bryan Bonner, says that UFO buffs are delusion at best. Like his adversary, Mr. Bonner has never claimed to be abducted by aliens. But maybe that because Mr. Bonner is too busy chasing ghosts. After all, he is the founder of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal society.

There are all sorts of interesting political and economic angles to this story (see Colorado Flying-Saucer Believers Have Ghost Hunters in Their Sights). But what I want to focus on is the “scientific” claims of each group. Peckman’s Extraterrestrial group validates the assertion of alien visits through sightings of spacecraft. Bonner’s paranormal followers validate their claims of ghostly visitors through equally blurring photographs as well as the readings – or lack of readings – with various scientific instruments, e.g., electromagnetic field detectors, seismographs, and more.

Both camps use the trappings of a scientific approach (logical deduction) to support their beliefs. Yet neither the UFO nor the paranormal investigation groups have ever provided convincing or repeatable evidence that would validate their beliefs.

Does the lack of hard, scientific data invalidate the existence of either extraterrestrial beings or ghosts? No. Rather, it means is that neither group has provided substantial evidence needed to fall under the unforgiving eye of science.

Still, with the ancient celebration of “All Hallows Eve” just two days away, I’m willing to suspend my scientific scrutiny for both groups. With my ghost meter in one hand and binoculars in the other, I’ll be prepared for genuinely ghostly and alien encounters as I hand out treats on that strangest of all nights.

2 Responses to “UFO vs. Ghost Hunters”

  1. Baxter Says:

    Your research on this article was done poorly. It seems to be based mostly on assumption. We (Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research) do not promote the existence of ghosts or any other paranormal related claim. We research the claims to find out if there is any legitimacy behind them. To date, we have found no proof whatsoever of the existence of ghosts. We do not spend our time “chasing ghosts”. We actually use as much scientific method in our research as is possible in such odd circumstances. We have worked hard to gain the acceptance of skeptic groups around the globe. I (Baxter) have even given demonstrations at TAM, the largest skeptical convention in the world.
    During the course of this “ET Commission” drama, the press has made many assumptions without actually asking us where we stand and why we oppose this initiative. Those that have asked only focus on the “circus” aspect of this story. The public deserves to know the truth. The most troubling point if this initiative sets a terrible precedent for government promotion of a belief system. The actual wording of the initiative demands that the citizens belief that no proof is needed to accept that the aliens are here among us.

  2. Shay Says:

    They should join forces; it is possible they linked? Both are from the beyond and maybe even different dimentions….what if???

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