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That’s One Big Button – DesignCon10 Video

2 Responses to “That’s One Big Button – DesignCon10 Video”

  1. Daniel Payne Says:

    I am laughing out loud.

    That was simply hilarious!

    Well done.

    As a marketing manager I would often hear clients request a new feature. I would then ask them, “If you had this feature tomorrow, how much time would it save you on a one year project: one minute, one hour, one day, one week?”

    Mostly I heard replies like, “Uh, we don’t know if it will save any time, we just wanted the tool to look like our last tool.”

  2. John Blyler Says:

    I know a company where the engineering dept is run by marketing. It’s a nightmare. Product requirements are never stable, always changing on the whim of marketing and the customer (who always want a shinier “rock”).

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