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Impression of EDA and DAC’09

Another DAC has come and gone. But before I finish compiling the details of my many meetings, panels and hallway discussions, I thought it best to record my impressions of DAC from a high-level perspective.

What were the prominent EDA-related themes at DAC09:
> Optimization in all life cycle phases and functional areas
> More modeling as a driver for optimization
> Greater system-level focus (which is often at odds with optimization)
> Continued collaboration in almost all areas
> Standardization (which is often a prerequisite for collaboration)

Trends in the conference itself:
> Newer, easier-to-use and social media friendly website in 2010 (thank goodness)
> Growing collaboration (and potential conflicts) with the established trade journal publishers
> Growing acceptance of bloggers from corporations and PR (acceptance from the conference, not the readers)
> Growing attendance, at least according to the official press release (didn’t feel like it on the show floor, but that’s only half the story)
> Cadence returns with a greater presence next year
> TSMC will surpass all EDA vendors in exhibit floor space for DAC’10

5 Responses to “Impression of EDA and DAC’09”

  1. Alan Coppola Says:

    Interesting about TSMC…that was my feeling too…the future of EDA might be fab relationships…guess it isn’t any different than the past when many vendors owned fabs, which lead to a rich EDA environment. Perhaps this will transition, as Hsu of TMSC proposed in his keynote address, into a “profit sharing” where EDA vendors finally get a piece of the semiconductor revenue…because the few fabs left force that on the companies using the fabs for their products…interesting next 10 years for the EDA/Fabs/Chip triumvirate!!!

  2. SKMurphy » DAC 2009 Blog Coverage Roundup Says:

    [...] John Blyler on “Impression of EDA and DAC09“ [...]

  3. Mike Santarini Says:

    Kevin Morris posted an interesting piece on DAC called “Dueling DACs” Ah, thank you Jesuits for forcing me to take statistics….

  4. Dark_Faust Says:

    Hi Alan. Triumvirate … A most excellent word choice. The “holy” trinity of chip software, hardware and fab, with the God of fabs in the highest most seat. Back to the future, as you hint at.

    Hi Mike. Very good article by Kevin, if a big long. His summary is accurate. DAC is expensive. Might that money be spent differently? I suspect we’ll see a DAC-lite in the near future. Still relevant, but a lot less filling (for EDAC).

  5. Sean Murphy Says:

    John, I have posted a list of DAC related blog posts that I will update through the end of August, it’s available at

    As of Aug-14 it tracks 100 posts (including this one) by 46 bloggers.

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