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Power – The One Variable Constant

There are three critical parameters to which all hardware engineers must pay heed – power, performance and area. The equivalent parameters for software engineers are power (via hardware)-performance and size (memory). While these three elemental factors are dependent upon one another, perhaps the most critical is power. Without power, electronics serve no function aside from esthetics.

Power covers a broad range of topics, from creation and conversion-amplification to delivery. In the chip, package and board world, power design is a nontrivial exercise – just look at the proliferation of tools, formats and methodologies.

Power designs represent real pain-points for hardware and software engineers alike. The last several decades have seen an increasing concern for the shrinking power budgets in chip designs. Today’s consumer movements toward green technology and ever increasing mobility means that low power has become the number one design issue for system architectures through RTL and beyond – to the pack and board level areas, as well.

The challenge of low power, coupled with the increase urgency for such designs, makes the decision to offer a low-power community portal a simple one. The breadth of industries represented by our sponsors – from EDA and IP to even hardware – is a further indication of the importance of this market.

As always, Ed, myself and all our editors look forward to hearing from our readers. Let us know what pain-points you are feeling and what topic areas you’d like to see. Cheers!

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