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Synopsys Integrates Hardware Prototyping Tools

Over the past year and a half, Synopsys has been acquiring companies and parts of companies in the ASIC prototyping space. Early last year it was Synplicity, while this year it was the ChipIT portion of German-based ProDesign. What is the common thread in these acquisitions? All use FPGA-based hardware and software to prototype complex ASIC designs.

Earlier this week, Synopsys announced its expanded Confirma rapid prototyping platform. Confirma was one of the tool suites acquired from Synplicity. Below is a chart – refreshingly clean and readable – that summaries the acquired tool suits and how they (hopefully) integrate into a whole system:

Synopsys Tool Acquisition Description
HAPS Hardy – Synplicity High-performance ASIC Prototyping System
Certify Synplicity Multi-FPGA Implementation and Partitioning
Identify Pro Synplicity Debugging and Visibility Enhancement
Synplify Premier Synplicity Single-FPGA Implementation and Rapid Prototyping
CHIPit ProDesign Automated Rapid Prototyping

Integration is the key. I’m particularly interested those areas of functional overlap, such as between original Confirma suite of tools and more recently acquired ChipIT tool. Both tools provide ASIC prototyping capabilities. I discussed some of the issues in a past blog:Hardware Prototyping Market Changes Form

Synopsys’ acquisition of ChipIT would seem to strengthen its position in the system-level development market. Yet many questions remain. First and foremost is how Synopsys will integrate it most recent acquisitions of Synplicity and ProDesign’s ChipIT. For example, which of the two hardware platforms – Synplicity’s Hardi or ProDesign’s ChipIT – will it support, merge or remove? A similar question might be asked on the software side – Synplicity’s Confirma or ProDesign’s ChipIT?

One other question: How will this hardware prototyping platform eventually work with Synpopsys software (virtual) prototyping tool – from the Virtio acquisition?

5 Responses to “Synopsys Integrates Hardware Prototyping Tools”

  1. JB’s Circuit » Synopsys Integrates Hardware Prototyping Tools | Says:

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  2. rajdeep Says:

    i need a synopsys compiler tools.????????

  3. Frank Schirrmeister Says:


    Great post! On your question “How will this hardware prototyping platform eventually work with Synpopsys software (virtual) prototyping tool – from the Virtio acquisition?” I can shed more light on the use models for those connections.

    In short, we have had this flow with other hardware platforms for a while. We now have all the components for a full Synopsys solution in house. The use models include “RTL Reuse and Architecture Verification”, “Accelerated Software Execution”, “Virtual Platform as test bench for FPGA prototypes”, “Joint system environment connections” and “Virtual platforms as ‘Virtual ICE’ connected to FPGA prototypes”.

    I have posted details at my Blog “A View From the Top” under the title “Hybrid Prototyping – The Best of Both Worlds!”. You can find it at

    Thanks, Frank

  4. Michel Says:

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  5. John Blyler Says:

    Michel. Check your yahoo address. Maybe I’m in the spam filter.

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