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The Media is Dying? Catchy, But Inaccurate.

This is just one of the many sites that I follow: The Media is Dying This site recently received attention from Utne Reader.

I follow this site and similar ones not to be depressed but to gain a larger sense for what is happening to the entire media industry, beyond the niche of technology print/online pubs. Without a clear view of the bigger picture, it’s difficult to see the major trends as well as to discern how others are dealing with these changes. Already if learned that the key differentiates to survival are economies-of-scale, continued meaningful content and a living community environment in which to deliver that content.

The media isn’t really dying, but evolving, morphing into something else. This process is disruptive, agonizing and terribly painful for the editors, reporters and everyone in the publishing business. But the change has been coming for a long time now, so no one should be surprised. All we can hope to do is learn the new rules of this evolving game as quickly as possible. Believe Darwin referred to that as “adapability.”

The caterpillar we once called media is undergoing a crystallis into – I hope – something better. Perhaps something that can fly high enough to see the bigger picture and accurately share that view with others.

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