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Cadence CTO Departs? Yes – It’s True.

Ted Vucurevich at CDNLive Green Panel

Timeline: Wednesday, Jan 28, 2008:

11:14  AM Talked with Adolph Hunter, Cadence’s VP of Corporate Marketing and Ronald May, Group Director of Public Relations. Adoply confirmed Ted’s departure within the next few weeks, during which time Ted would be wrapping up some projects and transitioning everything to his replacement.

How do you replace someone as sharp, credible and engaging as Ted Vucurevich, who has been with Cadence for the last 16 years? By pulling from the best people you have. Toward this end, Adolph explained that Charlie Huang, currently Cadence’s Senior VP and Chief Strategy Officer, will be the acting CTO. Charlie is well known in both the EDA entrepreneur and technical circles. His past experiences includes, among others, serving as a General Partner at Telos Venture Partners and – on the technical side – being the co-founder of CadMOS Design Technology and VP of R&D at EPIC Design Technology.

As acting CTO, Charlie will be working with Cadence’s Chi-Ping Hsu, Senior VP of R&D for the Implementation Products Group and Nimish Modi, Senior VP of R&D for the Front End Group.

When asked if Ted’s depart was a fall out from Cadence’s sizeable layoffs last November 2008, Adolph could not offer much insight. He noted that all parts of the semiconductor industry are undergoing layoffs, including IBM, Sun, Applied Materials, and many others. “When Cadence does have layoffs, all parts of the business are examined and all parts of the company feel some impact. But Cadences hasn’t dropped any particular product line or technology area. So I can not im

age that any one cut lead to Ted’s decision to leave,” explained Adolph.

In closing, Adolph said that everyone at Cadence was sorry to see Ted leave. “He’s extremely credible and popular with employees and customers alike. So everyone here wishes him the best in what he is going to go on to do.”

As do we all.

9:50 AM Just received confirmation of Ted Vucurevich’s depart from Cadence. (Yes, Karen, word does travel fast on Web 2.0). Wonder if Ted had a choice in this decision? And will he be seeing “purple” i

n the near future? Regardless, I wish him well.

Interesting side note: Clothbot tells me that only a few days earlier, Ted had updated his LinkedIn profile. This lends credence to what I call the “LinkedIn effect,” namely, that you only hear from contact just prior to a career change.

9:30AM Rumor mill whispers that Cadence’s Ted Vucurevich is no longer the CTO at Cadence. Any confirmation? I’ll miss Ted, if the rumor is true. But a professional of his talents won’t have problems finding his next adventure.

4 Responses to “Cadence CTO Departs? Yes – It’s True.”

  1. Abbie Says:

    Ted was one of the good guys at Cadence … whichever company gets him will be lucky.

  2. Sean Murphy Says:

    I wonder if this presages a return to acquisitions. If Jim Hogan returns then this may represent a shift in direction back to acquisitions as a way to mitigate their “innovator’s dilemma.”

  3. Abbie Says:

    Just talked to Ted … he’s alive and well and exploring new ideas.

  4. John Blyler Says:

    Jim has returned, in a very real sense. You can guess the role.

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