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Numbers Support Downturn – for now

The numbers don’t look great for cummulative Dec’08 chip design investigations – precusors to actual chip design starts in the next 6 to 9 months (see chart). The actual numbers have decrease and the rolling average is definitely sloping down, which means a tendanace to continue the decline into next month.

I encourage you to note that December and January are typically “down” times for the architecturing of new chip products. The trend to watch closely is the rolling average for the Jan09 data, which I’ll publish once available.

3 Responses to “Numbers Support Downturn – for now”

  1. JohnB Says:

    I can’t see the chart! Is there supposed to be a link?

  2. BarbA Says:

    What do blue and red represent? Design starts and design completions? They are labelled Series 1 and Series 2. I get the trendline down.

  3. John Blyler Says:

    Red Line (Series 1) = Moving average of total design profiles or investigations
    Blue Line (Series 2) = Total design profiles
    Green Line (Series 3) = Linear average of total design profiles

    Design profiles are the pre-cursors to actual design starts. Before an architect/manager approve a design start, they must perform numerous investigations and trade-off studies for power, performance, area and cost. These design profiles are typically done about six months before a design start.

    [Don't know why the legend didn't come through.]

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