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EDA User Rescue Plan

Kudos to Blue Pearl (Nichole?) for this clever and inexpensive marketing idea – a stimulus package that promotes their line of RTL analysis and timing tools. “The EDA rescue plan will help you replace old,EDA Rescue Plan troubled EDA tool assets or outdated design methodology with a more modern solution and SAVE $$,” quoting from a recent email blast from the company. Don’t know why they don’t have this adv on their website?

On a more serious note; Does the EDA industry need saving? If the big 3 EDA leaders journeyed to Washington seeking a bailout, would they be received any differently then the last trio from the auto industry? What would the industry offer as a reason for the bailout – that EDA is too critical to electronic chip development to fail? That would be a hard sell, especially to technically-challenged politicians.

The best plan for survival of our industry lies in the education of the next generation of Americans. Knowledge is power, especially in a global market.

4 Responses to “EDA User Rescue Plan”

  1. Nichole Says:

    Great post, John! It conjures images of Wally and Art carpooling to DC, with hats in hand, pledging to reduce their salaries to $1 per year….

    BTW the whole BP campaign can be found at

  2. John Blyler Says:

    “… Wally and Art carpooling to DC…” perhaps in a hybrid like the Prius, eh? It is a comical image.

    Thx for the campaign link. Couldn’t find it before.

  3. David Muncier Says:

    I’m sure that Aart and Wally don’t have immediate need to visit Washington, given recent news, except maybe to attend an inauguration.

    Still the imagery described is great ..

  4. John Blyler Says:

    Hi David. Couldn’t agree more. Both have guided their respective companies well for many years. Synopsys revenue numbers (from today’s meeting) were particularly welcomed!

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