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Why Doesn’t Our DAC Look Like This?

Kaufman - Citizen Kane styleCheck out this YouTube Video with the tantalizing title: DAC’08 Teaser Montage.  This is the kind of teaser our DAC (Design Automation Conference) should run. To their credit, the folks at EDAC have taken a step in that direction with the video created for the recent Kaufman Awards event. The “Kaufman” video – the creative idea of Ed Sperling – was based on one of the great Orson Welles’s movie, Citizen Kane.

Don’t get me wrong! We – the technical community – need videos that convey concise information about the latest technology and trends. But we – as engineers, especially the younger engineering community – need videos that inspire and express our creative side, too. After all, most of us worked hard through engineering school because we wanted to create, to build new and useful technology. Why not show the world our good works through the medium of the masses – video!

5 Responses to “Why Doesn’t Our DAC Look Like This?”

  1. Lou Covey Says:

    Actually, EDAC did do a video a few years ago… and then sent it out to everyone in the industry… NOT to the media and NOT the the universities. I remember everyone sitting around and patting each other on the back on what a great production it was. And we did nothing with it.

    The fact that we have the technology to do this kind of work, and the means to distribute it, means nothing if you don’t reach out beyond your current circle. Expand the net folks.

  2. James Colgan Says:

    Well said John!

    There’s a whole generation of engineers that are under served and frankly not engaged by the continued use of 20th century marketing techniques. There’s no inspiration, no energy, nothing to tell engineers that they’re involved in something bigger than themselves – that they can have an impact!

    Many of the “establishment” think that this is just “fluff” and it’s too expensive. The reality is, when you’re twenty-something you want to feel like you’re entering a vibrant industry – a datasheet or a white paper do not convey this. Also, the video you show took more time than expense to create.

    With creativity, energy and the use of modern (even shareware!) tools this type of promotion adds value, is needed and can be produced affordably.

  3. Gary Says:

    Why? Because we’re left-brained enginerds, not right-brained artists. Our idea of a cool video would be to simply video record some robot doing a cool thing on a lab bench. It takes right-brained marketing types to dress up that robot with cool graphics, cool action, and cool soundtrack to make us look cool to the masses.

  4. James Colgan Says:

    Some enginerds play instruments and perform in bands…so we can’t be all 100% left brained Gary. ;-)

  5. Sean Murphy Says:

    I have a better one for you that I discovered from a comment left on John Isaac’s blog.

    Take a look at

    it’s an Altium pitch for a new 3D PCB design tool that is very different from anything I have seen (both the tool and the video).

    They are not a client and I have no direct affiliation but I think this may resonate with a number of PCB designers that I know at a visceral level.

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