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Mars Phoenix Twitter-style epitaph contest

Here’s a clever idea from Wired editor and fellow-Twitter Alex Madrigal: “R.I.P. @MarsPhoenix: The Twitter Epitaph Contest” To quote from Alex:

NASA will make one last try to power the lander up this weekend, but it’s likely that within days, Mars Phoenix’s life will come to an end.

To mark this exciting, crowd-pleasing, Tweeting trip to the Martian north pole, we thought it’d be fun to mark the occasion with a Mars Phoenix Twitter-style epitaph contest. That means that these particular virtual headstones must be under 140 characters. Beyond that, it’s up to you how you want to memorialize the mission.

You have until Sunday (Nov 9th) to post your epitaph.

You can follow both Alex and yours truly on Twitter.

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