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Solar Power Problems? – Just Call on a Stellar Engineer

Great post on Steve Liebson’s site: This Just In: Faster-than-light (FTL) Space Travel is Possible. Zefram Cochrane was Right and Einstein Won’t be Upset About It

Problem is that the power demands of such FTL travel are enormous. But the solution to that problem can be found in a different sci-fi universe, namely, by the Time Lords of Dr Who fame. All that’s needed is a degree in stellar engineering. Omega was at the head of his class in this new engineering discipline. He learned how to manipulate the obits of star systems to control their gravitational interactions. The power from these manipulations then served as the main power source for time travel.

Stellar engineering would take solar power to a whole new dimension!

Here’s a bit of history on stellar engineering – from the Dr Who world:

“Omega was a stellar engineer and High Council member on Gallifrey who developed the Hand of Omega, a remote stellar manipulator which could be used to control the reactions within a star. Using the Hand, Omega performed adjustments on a star near Gallifrey’s in an attempt to provide a power source for the time travel experiments he conducted with Rassilon. However, Omega was thought killed in the resulting supernova, which then collapsed into a black hole.

Rassilon subsequently captured the nucleus of the black hole and used its power to perfect time travel technology, turning his people into Time Lords. Rassilon then took control of Gallifrey as Lord President. The nucleus eventually became known as the Eye of Harmony, and Omega’s name passed into heroic legend.”

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