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What does Impinj, Virage and Intel have in common?

Impinj has certainly gone through a lot of changes in the last couple of months. The company, which asserts itself as the “leading UHF Gen 2 radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions provider,” has recently changed its technology focus. Consider the following:

  • July 2008: Impinj acquired Intel’s RFID operation. This business was part of Intel’s R&D effort, specifically its New Business Initiatives (NBI) incubator
  • June 2008: Virage Logic acquires Impinj’s Logic Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) IP business

Is there more changes in store for Impinj?

2 Responses to “What does Impinj, Virage and Intel have in common?”

  1. Chris Edwards Says:

    When you consider that the NVM IP business was Impinj’s sole focus in the early years, that’s quite a change.

    Then again, other than Saifun, has anyone ever made money out of a standalone NVM IP business? (And the purchase by Spansion wasn’t in the original Saifun plan).

  2. John Blyler Says:

    Kilopass?? Sidense is too new. Not sure who else.

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