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Blogging Event Spurs Comments

Don’t have time to post my blog on the Bird-of-Feather event at DAC until later. But it really was the meeting of several different types of bloggers. Here are my comments from JL’s observations of the bloggers meeting:

First, I’d like to thank JL and the rest for organizing this event. It’s not the first one at DAC on blogging, but this one brought together a different set of folks that don’t usually interact.

Reading through your comments made me realize that a fair amount of the audience were very new to blogging. I didn’t appreciate that the main function of this event was to talk about the process of blogging – the “ins and outs,” as you say. Had most of the press realized this, we would have asked our questions quite differently, saving our talk about the life/death issues of the changing role in media for another day. I’m sure the next BoF at DAC will go much better. Thx again, JL.

5 Responses to “Blogging Event Spurs Comments”

  1. Sean Murphy Says:

    I thought it worked out very well as a Birds of a Feather (of course I am biased as one of the organizers). It was an open discussion on social media topics of interest to the folks who came. The conversation was as stimulating after 7pm–when audience dropped from about 45 to about 20–as it was before. I look forward to your full recap.

  2. John Blyler Says:

    Hi Sean.Thxs to you and JL for organizing this session. Were you sitting on the right half of the room? Wish that I could have stayed for the full session, but like many of us I had to dash off (Synopsys dinner). I like your posting, “Seven Tips for Encouraging Bloggers to Write About A Conference.” Will try to get my observations up soon.

  3. Gordon McGregor Says:

    I found it an interesting discussion and useful to hear where people are coming from. I’m less interested in the ins and outs of blogging, because I’ve been at it for a while, so wasn’t too bothered that we didn’t focus on Google Analytics metrics or driving site traffic.

    Our intern, SJ, was bemused by the vast culture gap that she experienced. Blogging and social networking is such a simple fact of life for her college age group that to hear all this confusion about what a ‘blog’ is or how it should be used was an eye opening experience for her.

  4. John Blyler Says:

    Hi Gordon. SJ was the young lady in the back? I thought her single comment was perhaps the most revealing of the entire meeting (at least the first 30 minutes that I could attend). Ultimately, it is her generation of engineers and technologists that we must reach with our online content – from blogs and articles to videos and social networks.

    Still, for those of us in this transition period (between print vs online, in-depth vs low-depth (shallow) reporting, text vs video), answering the basic questions of what constitutes a good blog, among other things, is crucial. The burden of sucessfully bringing meaningful content, i.e., passing on the standard, to the new media state is ours.

  5. JB’s Circuit » EDA Bloggers’ Birds-of-a-Feather Says:

    [...] This blogger sessions are must-attend event! If you want to learn something about blogging plus see first hand the growing pains that publishers, corporations and bloggers are facing, then be sure to attend this event. Many thanks to Sean Murphy and company for organizing this follow-up to the unexpectly popular EDA Blogger’s BoF at DAC of last year – “Blogging Event Spurs Comments“ [...]

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