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Informal Blogging Event at DAC Gains Interest

It’s always a pleasant surprise to find another pocket of EDA bloggers, such as Sean Murphy’s site. Unfortunately, Sean appears to belong to the old “Richard Goering is EDA” crowd. Some of you may remember Mike Santarini’s infamous blog titled, “I’m No One Trick Pony,” in which Mike suggested that other editors have covered the EDA space more faithfully than Richard but with far less praise.

Sean’s latest blog attempts to map the EDA blogosphere since Richard left EETimes by providing a list of 60 some folks who currently cover the technical or business aspects of the tumultuous EDA industry. Sean’s comprehensive list includes most of the major players, but there are a few noticeable omissions, like Brian Fuller’s “Greeley’s Ghost,? Brian Bailey’s “Verification Vertigo,? Jeurgen Jaeger’s “F a h r v e r g n ü g e, even Lou Covey’s “State of the Media.? Still, Sean’s list is a good one.

Want to meet many of the above mentioned bloggers? Then I encourage you, as well as all NG (Non-Goering) EDA bloggers and editors, to stop by the informal BoF bloggers event at DAC – organized by JL Gray and others. Also, Sean believes that high tech gurus Steve Leibson, Grant Martin, and George Harper may be presenting 3 minute lightning talks on different aspects of blogging at the BoF event.

Oddly enough, this informal BoF event may well be one of the more memorable experiences of this year’s DAC. If nothing else, it could serve as a good way for traditional journalists, non-traditional journalists (you know who you are), bloggers and the curious alike to get together and mingle – not in online social networks or as Second Life avatars but face-to-face. What a concept?!

Honorable mentions: There are several respected EDA editor’s – like Ed Sperling, EDA Tech Forum’s Paul Dempsey and Electronic Design’s David Maliniak – who faithful cover the EDA market BUT don’t maintain a blog. (Lazy bums!) It’s easy to forget that many of the best brains in our industry don’t blog. But they continue to share their insights through trade journal publication (online and print), as well as professional magazines. Hopefully a few of these folks will join us at the bloggers BoF.

2 Responses to “Informal Blogging Event at DAC Gains Interest”

  1. Jake Says:

    It is great to see the EDA industry become more of a community . The BoF promises to be fun.

  2. JB’s Circuit » Blogging Event Spurs Comments Says:

    [...] to post my blog on the Bird-of-Feather event at DAC until later. But it really was the meeting of several different types of bloggers. Here are my comments from JL’s observations of the bloggers meeting: First, [...]

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