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BoF for bloggers at DAC

Anyone else on Twitter? Though the idea of a mini-blogging app like Twitter may seem absurd, I have found it useful. For example, I learned about a recent bloggers meeting at DAC through Twitter: Bird of Feather (BoF) for bloggers, Wed June 11th at round 6PM, in the neighborhood of Rm 201B and 201C at the Anaheim convention center. This event was initiated by the verification expert and excellent photographer JL Gray . It seems to be loosely affiliated with the Cool Verification folks. So this informal meeting probably won’t be in the genre of a Brian Fuller-Lou Covey-Loring Wirbel blog fest – though that’s not a bad idea either. Still, the somewhat nebulous BoF event should be worth attending. I’m planning to be there … at the very least, I’ll fly in for a quick twitter. <grin>

6 Responses to “BoF for bloggers at DAC”

  1. JL Gray Says:


    Thanks for publicizing this. Just to clarify, the “Cool Verification folks” you mention are really just me ;-) . Cool Verification is my personal blog.

    Take care, and see you at DAC!


  2. John Blyler Says:

    Good point. Guess I was thinking of Verilabs, which is a verification consulting group. Correct?

  3. John Blyler Says:

    Latest update on BoF bloggers get together at DAC:


    Figured this would be easier to communicate over email vs. Twitter! It looks like we’ve got enough people interested in attending to request a room. I’m going to fill out the form and submit to Kathy Embler later this week. According to the latest updated list you must have been in contact with Sean Murphy? The list of attendees so far includes folks like you, Richard Goering, Grant Martin, Janick Bergeron, Steve Leibson, and others. If you have any questions for me about the event don’t hesitate to ask.

    Take care, — JL

  4. JL Gray Says:


    Yes, Verilab (, my employer, is a verification consulting firm with offices in the US, UK, and Germany. Most of the folks helping me organize the BoF are fellow EDA bloggers or people interested in blogging.

    Take care,


  5. Gordon McGregor Says:

    I’m also going to DAC and will be at the BoF event. Not so coincidentally, I also work at Verilab. I’ll probably use twitter to track things I find interesting during DAC as well as starting to do some blogging about what I see there.

  6. JB’s Circuit » Informal Blogging Event at DAC Gains Interest Says:

    [...] I encourage you, as well as all NG (Non-Goering) EDA bloggers and editors, to stop by the informal BoF bloggers event at DAC – organized by JL Gray and others. Also, Sean believes that high tech gurus Steve Leibson, Grant [...]

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